Husband of Prosecutor Defends Wife on Twitter

So, the Husband of the U.S. Prosecutor who charged Aaron Swartz was using Twitter to defend his Wife’s reputation. It didn’t go over well, apparently.   Interesting to note that under the Model Rules, a Prosecutor probably shouldn’t be saying the kind of things that her husband did on his Twitter – does SHE have any responsibility for what HE posts?

One thought on “Husband of Prosecutor Defends Wife on Twitter”

  1. Talk about a two-sided coin. While Ortiz may not be subjected to any type of violation from a professional ethics point of view, there certainly seems to be the taint of inappropriateness (and perhaps embarrassment on her part) in her husband’s tweet. On the other hand, talk about stand by your woman; nice to see a husband take such a public show of support for his embattled wife.
    Interestingly, many Codes of Professional Conduct (Maryland to name one) mention the responsibility of lawyers acting on behalf of their spouses (e.g. accepting gifts). I am not so sure that professional codes can regulate the conduct of a non-lawyer as it relates to his or her lawyer spouse.

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