Judge Probably Wants to Call an Audible

Johnny Manziel, also known as “Johnny Football” won the Heisman trophy in his freshman year, the quickest ever to do so. He also¬† is pretty quick on the road. He received a speeding ticket after the season ended. What makes this story interesting is that we found out about the speeding ticket because Judge W. Lee posted the news on his Facebook account.

One thought on “Judge Probably Wants to Call an Audible”

  1. What is interesting to me about this case is that the Judge should have known better. Seems like he was bragging about the “brush with greatness” that occurred in his courtroom. I don’t think I see any legal liability in this one, as freedom of speech (and truth for purposes of libel) will probably rule the day. But certainly there has to be some kind of violation of the code of judicial conduct!

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