Law Enforcement Using Social Media

As I was browsing I found this Blog site called “The Social Media Beat” which is supported by the IACP Center for Social Media. This blog is all about how law enforcement is using technology and social media to their benefit. There are posts about Twitter, Skype, and YouTube. One author even mentions that from his point of view as a police officer, it is his duty to listen and respond to the community, and the community utilizes social media and so must he.

Everything on the site is really interesting and covers a range of posts, even one about reflecting on 2012 and looking forward to 2013 which was full of interesting statistics. I have just never thought about law enforcement and social media before and thought this would be a good blog URL to pass along. You can find it at

One thought on “Law Enforcement Using Social Media”

  1. interesting blog site. While browsing I noticed more than one post that educates law enforcement officials on their use of social media. I thought it particularly fascinating to read one author encourage law enforcement officials to “find their voice.” Will all this advice lead to excessive use of tweeting. If so, might defense prosecutors be able to use such tweets to their advantage? Law enforcement tweeters should beware!!!

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