Pintrest not immune to a Winklevoss-type lawsuit

What were you doing December 27?  While many people were pinning pictures on, perhaps of of New Year’s Eve Feasts or Dream Vacations for yet realized February Blizzards, Attorney Theodore F. Shroeder was filing a law suit in the Southern District of New York against Pintrest founder Brian Cohen for allegedly stealing his idea for what Cohen turned into  The complaint reads like the Social Network screenplay.  According to the complaint, while a Colombia Law School student, Shroeder developed the idea for pinning things of interest to a “board.”  Shroeder subsequently brought on a few investors, Cohen being one of them.  But according to the complaint, Cohen stalled Shroeder’s project and misappropriated the idea for his own use.  Schroeder specifically alleges that Cohen “caused the project deadlock so that he could steal the core ideas for himself and freeze out the Plaintiff from reaping benefits.”

This sounds like one to watch.

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