The Facebook effect – it does exist!

During yesterday’s law and social media class we discussed the effects of social media.  When queried on the downside of social media, students (and even this prof.) discussed the feeling of mild dissapointment in our own daily lives after watching others post their “good fortune” for all to see.  Facebook envy, however,  isn’t the only problem caused by excessive Facebook browsing. Prof. Darren Rosenberg alerted me to a recent study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia Business School, which finds that self-esteem can be tied to the number of “likes” one receives.  But beware, the self-esteem boost that comes from “likes” can be followed by a loss of self-control which may lead to excessive noshing or on-line purchases.  For a more comprehensive article on the study, go to

Top Ten Internet Law Developments of 2012

With thanks to Prof. Anne Bartow, I am posting Prof. Eric Goldman’s recent article in Forbes Magazine.  The article shares his list of top ten developments in Internet law for 2012.  Scroll down and you can find his top finds for years past.