Protecting Facebook Privacy

The past few days there have been a lot of interesting articles on Facebook. I thought this most recent one would be particularly important to all law students or any professional making sure job searching is not hindered by what is put on facebook. This article explains how to protect everything you have on facebook.

With all of the hoops one has to jump through to keep his private information private, it makes me wonder if Facebook is even worth it all. Here is an interesting article about how a lot of people have just given up on Facebook altogether because it is too much of a hassle to keep everything about their lives updated and private.

In light of these two articles, I think it is rather interesting how one father prohibits his daughter’s use of Facebook. For all of us that have grown up with Facebook usage being the norm, our first reaction is probably “how dare he do that? She has the right to have Facebook!!!” But when it comes down to all the hoops one has to go through to keep information about one’s personal life private, and the fact that many now conclude that the site   isn’t even worth using, then maybe this over-protective father is doing his daughter a favor. I would greatly appreciate anybody’s thoughts on these.


Kids’ Facebook “depression”

I don’t know if I should laugh at this article as ridiculous or be shocked and paranoid for the future of America.  The article discusses the responsibility of doctors to discuss the facebook effect with their patients.  Has social media infiltrated society so much that a discussion regarding its influence will now be included along with an eye exam and height measurement?  What does this say about us?



“Social Media” Speech Protected at work

After we all agreed that we use social media as a way to vent about the life of a law student it makes sense that most people like to do the same thing by venting on fbook. It is good that people can have a sense of group therapy without having to fear they might lose their job. Apparently, the NLRB feels the same way!  An NY Times article concerning the NLRB’s series of decisions can be found here.


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