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We’ve all been there. We search the web daily looking for that funny meme or that inspirational quote to share with our “friends.” Maybe we are taking a break at work, or distracted while studying in the library when we see it: the perfect picture to post on Instagram. Often we download this picture off of Google or Tumblr. We then upload it to Instagram after choosing the perfect filter and hashtag to capture the essence of the photo.

What we often fail to realize is that this is ILLEGAL. When we sign up for Instagram, the fine print, which no one bothers to read, contains language that asserts that YOU own the pictures you post, or at least have the creator’s permission to post it. This is usually never the case. Furthermore, most people believe that this copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property rights can be resolved by giving “credit” to the creator in a comment under the picture. While this is likely to cure any hostile feelings of the creator, you can still be sued.

One section of the Instagram “contract” states, “you agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing any person by reason of Content you post on through the Instagram Services.” In essence, if you post without permission, you’re screwed. Instagram has taken careful steps to shield itself from liability. Instagram users should, likewise, protect themselves. We need to recognize our legal limitations when posting someone else’s work.

It is often said that each picture says a thousand words. In the case of Instagram, one of these potential words is “lawsuit”. Be cautious of what you post and where you get it from. Not only do we need to protect ourselves from suit, but we need to ensure we are respecting the works of others.

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