The Facebook effect – it does exist!

During yesterday’s law and social media class we discussed the effects of social media.  When queried on the downside of social media, students (and even this prof.) discussed the feeling of mild dissapointment in our own daily lives after watching others post their “good fortune” for all to see.  Facebook envy, however,  isn’t the only problem caused by excessive Facebook browsing. Prof. Darren Rosenberg alerted me to a recent study by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Columbia Business School, which finds that self-esteem can be tied to the number of “likes” one receives.  But beware, the self-esteem boost that comes from “likes” can be followed by a loss of self-control which may lead to excessive noshing or on-line purchases.  For a more comprehensive article on the study, go to

6 thoughts on “The Facebook effect – it does exist!”

  1. It may be a little bit of a stretch but this article made me think of the newer MTV series called “Catfish.” It involves everyday people dating someone they found online (Facebook) but with whom they have never met in person, and sometimes have never even talked on the phone. They purely live their relationship on Facebook, and as the show sets up a meeting between the two people, it becomes clearly evident through most episodes that the person they thought they were dating (based on their profile pictures, comments, etc.) is not actually who they are.
    People use fake Facebook profiles to “date” other people they find. Stemming from the Facebook envy article, I find this “Catfishing” to just be another side-effect of this rush to be approved or to feel attractive by receiving attention on Facebook. One woman on the show admitted to having 5 fake profiles, and used all of them to talk to over 20 different men. All of the men assumably believing they are dating this woman who looks nothing like her “Facebook Profile.” She tried to deactivate one of the fake accounts, and could only do so for 24 hours. As sad as it might be, it is just another “activity” that many people today participate in for that self-esteem boost that comes from “likes” and “messages” from other people on Facebook. It all just makes me ask, is there really any good reason to have a facebook today?

  2. Oh I know, I was stuck on Sports Center listening to that story for over an hour the other day. It just amazes me what people think is okay for them to do online because the truth may never be found out, although it seems that the truth is always discovered in some way or another…

  3. A new study found that there really is Facebook envy. The study, conducted by two German Universities found that one in three people felt less satisfied with their lives after browsing Facebook. People who don’t post at all, but still read about their friends’ lives, fare the worst.

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